Tito Lopez

Composer & Music Producer


I invite you to take an auditory tour of different aesthetics, original productions that can be enhanced in your professional musical and audiovisual projects. Music as a language has no restrictions when creativity has no limits. Let's start by listening...

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Guitar Recording

Are you looking for a session player for your productions? I can record acoustic and / or electric guitars from my studio and send them to you.

Audio Editing

Do you have an audiovisual / podcast project and need to correct the audio? I can make a professional sound


If you want to take personalized classes in harmony composition, music production or guitar, do not hesitate to contact us.

Original composition

Are you looking for an original composition for your advertisement, movie, series or video game? Let's find the perfect sound for your project.

Music Production

Are you looking to record your songs or those of your band? I help you produce your songs from start to finish, from demo to mastering.

Mix y Mastering

Are you looking to mix and master your songs? You can send me your tracks and specifications to achieve the sound you want.


Do you want to work with me?

Complete the form with your proposal detailing what service you are interested in hiring and your queries. Or you can contact me through instagram or my email [email protected]

You will receive an answer in your email between 24 to 48 hours after your order, on working days.

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